On 7th October 2020, Minerva Academy FC opened its greens to welcome 20 kids from Education First Society for a day’s tour to the campus accompanied by a delicious nutritious lunch.

The kids were presented with exclusive club merchandise and footballs sponsored by BALL2ALL Foundation. The Blue-eyed boy of Indian football, Anwar Ali was the chief guest of this event.

The contribution from Minerva Academy FC includes footballs, exclusive club merchandise with a motive to help improve children’s access to football in Education First Society. Education First Society is an initiative that gives less fortunate children access to integrated learning, protection and youth services.

Education First Society’s programs are designed to promote and contribute to children’s full development and well-being – educational, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional.

The participation of children in sport improves children’s educational attainment and skills development including empowerment, leadership, and self-esteem – contributing to their overall well-being and future prospects.

“We are extremely happy to do our duties for the society and support the children in terms of quality play,” said Mr. Ranjit Bajaj, Owner, Minerva Academy FC.

“Football, especially sport helps improve children’s health, learning and boosts their self-confidence, building a spirit of collaboration, teamwork, leadership and energy amongst communities,” said chief guest young Indian defender, Anwar Ali.

The day concluded with the kids taking part in a football training session organized by Minerva Academy FC youth coach Roshan Lama.

Article By : Minerva Media Team


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